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Primarily massage stimulates blood flow, which increases the amount of oxygen present in the tissue and therefore increases the speed of healing. Increased blood circulation also allows any toxins present in the muscle due to fatigue to be removed, reducing pain and making the animal more comfortable.

Furthermore, massage facilitates the release of endorphins (pain reducing chemicals); providing a calming effect which reduces stress levels and encourages relaxation. This makes the experience calming for the animal, as well as increasing their comfort levels.


Stretching is a great way to improve tissue extensibility and allow for greater range of motion of the limbs. Through stretching, elongation of the muscle fibres takes place, reducing adhesions between tissues and allowing fibres to lengthen to their maximum. 

Benefits of gradual stretching include increased stride length, reduced risk of strain injuries and improved spinal range of motion. 

All stretches should be performed following massage or exercise when the muscles are warm so as not to cause injury or muscle tears.



With the amount of work that muscles undergo on a daily basis, it can only be expected that adhesions and restrictions in the muscle fibres and surrounding structures will form. 

Myofascial release frees adhesions surrounding the muscles, allowing restriction-free movement and an increase in comfort for your animal.

Trigger point therapy releases areas in the muscle where fibres have formed knot-like structures. Release of trigger points increases flexibility of the fibres, allows muscles to move more freely, and reduces the pain that often accompanies these disruptions in muscle fibre pattern.

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