Susan N

I would totally recommend Beth as a veterinary physiotherapist. Beth is a total professional and obviously loves the animals she treats. Ruby is quite a timid German Shepherd but she totally relaxes when Beth gives her a massage and Beth has given us good advice and exercises to do with Ruby in between vists.

Dawn E

I can totally recommend Beth. She treat my horses with total professionalism and a thorough knowledge of her subject. I will definitely use Beth again, the way my horses reacted to her was amazing to see, even Oracle who only does things on his terms.

Faith W

I can thoroughly recommend Beth who is building her new business after recently qualifying with high grades. Quinn is responding well to treatment. Such a lovely young lady and Quinn (and us) adore her. So professional.

Helen G

Since Maverick had his session, he is running his dog walks much better!! The tightness in his neck and back were obviously interferring with his stride. Thanks Beth.

Elizabeth G

Your ability to see Tu on an ongoing regular basis and in the comfort of her own home, where she can chill out at the same time, has been invaluable. Thanks for all you've done for her so far.

Kerry M

Beth came to treat my girl as part of her conditioning for getting her ready for the agility season. Beth was very calm and reassuring with her. Elsa was extremely chilled and lovely session. I highly recommend Beth.

Jamie M

Beth visited our home to treat Millie my Border Collie. She is only 7 but due to her having a deformed hip she is struggling a bit. She has also started to develop arthritis in her spine. Millie can be a little nervous and not overly keen on being handled too much. Beth managed to get her to relax and she received wonderful care. Beth answered any questions I had and recommended some exercises I can do with her to help her. Next appoitnment already booked. Thank you Beth.

Deborah P

It was a pleasant and refreshing surprise to meet Beth. She is clearly very dedicated to her job, cares a huge amount about the animals involved, is keen to progress and open to different approaches. She gave the three horses in question a thorough examination, loosened off a lot of tight bits and made for some really happy horses, I wish I'd taken photos! She left us with exercises to maintain the horses and a glowing light at the end of the tunnel.

Professional, friendly, down to earth, thorough, and she has availability covering this area! I have no hesitation in recommending her. The horses loved her too.