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Manual therapies are primarily used as a method to slowly work out areas of tension and restriction in the structures under the skin. This allows for an improvement in tissue extensibility, an increase in blood flow and a reduction in pain; all of which can lead to an overall improvement in limb range of motion, gait and mobility. 

As manual therapies are extremely versatile, they can also be used on areas of muscle loss or decreased muscle tone to facilitate an increase in blood flow to promote muscle strengthening; improving posture and muscle tone.


Electrotherapy treatments may be incorporated into treatment sessions to support the work and effects of manual therapies. We have access to both Infrared Light therapy and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation machines which provide pain relief/encourage cell repair and aid with muscle strengthening respectively. 

Use of electrotherapies is case dependent. Machines may be available for hire depending on appropriateness of the case and availability. 



Remedial exercise reinforces the work of manual therapies by improving muscle strength and core stability. A range of exercises can be used (with and without equipment).

Remedial exercise really is your chance to get involved in the rehabilitation process or fitness regime for your animal; manual therapies open gateways for improved function or performance but it is remedial exercise that will provide long-lasting results.

Exercise regimes will be tailored to each individual in order to obtain the best results.

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