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1. In agreeing to these terms and conditions, you confirm that you are the legal owner/loaner of the animal referred for treatment and can confirm that all information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge.


2. All animals treated by BFH Veterinary Physiotherapy for injury or dysfunction must have a signed and dated veterinary referral form, obtained either by yourself or by BFH Veterinary Physiotherapy, with your consent.


3. Cancellations made within the 24-hour period prior to an appointment will incur the full treatment charge.

4. BFH Veterinary Physiotherapy reserves the right to refuse treatment to any animal.


5. Any animals infected by contagious diseases must have their appointment rearranged at least 24 hours before the appointment was scheduled. Animals must be free of symptoms for a minimum of 48 hours before any further appointments are carried out. BFH Veterinary Physiotherapy must be informed immediately if an animal they have treated shows symptoms of an infectious disease within the 48 hours following treatment.


6. Appointments must be cancelled immediately if owners develop any symptoms of COVID-19. No charge will be incurred for this and appointments will be rearranged. 


7. Owners must inform BFH Veterinary Physiotherapy if their animal's condition worsens at any point during treatment, or if the vet advises against physiotherapy.

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